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Collect and manage payment methods for each account to allow the customer, as well as the business, to utilize them for invoice collections and easy subscription management.

Adding a Payment Method

To add a payment method to an account, simply click on the “Add Payment Method” link in the page, select the appropriate billing address associated with this card, or add a new address, and fill the credit card details.

Once clicking on the “Save” button, Rebillia will immediately run an authorization process, validating the credit card and address details to store them on file. If everything went right – you will be redirected back to the “Payment Methods” page with this payment method available.

Editing a Payment Method

To edit a payment method in an account, simply click on the action button to the right of the record and select “Edit” from the dropdown. Different types of payment methods allow different updates, for example – updating a credit card on file only allows the Expiration Date and the Billing Address to be updated.

Note! – Active subscriptions will always use the most updated version of the payment method they are connected to and do not hold record of older versions of the payment method.

Removing a Payment Method

To remove a payment method from an account, simply click on the action button to the right of the record and select “Remove” from the dropdown.

Note! – Payment methods that are linked to an active subscription can not be removed.

Sale Channel Payment Method Linking

Rebillia does not interact with any existing card vaulting system provided by a sale channel platform. Rebillia will take responsibility and priority over the sale channel for storing and managing payment methods.

If you are using a sale channel that provides built-in card vaulting and want to use Rebillia, make sure you perform a synchronization process between the sale channel and Rebillia, to have all payment methods entered into Rebillia.

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