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Sale Channel Linking


For businesses looking to utilize their own product catalog, instead of the default Rebillia hosted product catalog, Rebillia offers an easy way to create a two way link between Rebillia products and the business’ products.

To be able to offer Rate Plans created in Rebillia on a business’ own product detail pages, Rebillia’s linking functionality allows businesses to link a Rebillia product to one or more products from an external catalog. These external products are known as “Trigger Products” (full explanation below). Once a trigger product is set, Rebillia will further allow businesses to link each Rate Plan Charge inside each Rate Plan offered on this product to its own external product. These external products are known as “Fulfillment Products” (full explanation below).

Rebillia’s linking ability with external products relies on having the desired external product catalog connected as an active ‘Sale Channel’.

Trigger Product

The “Trigger” product is the product that will display the subscription plans for the customer to select from and purchase. Once linked, all published Rate Plans on the Rebillia product will populate on the external product’s detail page, as selectable options, for customers to interact with.

To link a trigger product, navigate into an already created Rebillia product and into the “Sale Channel” tab. Once There, click on the “Link with a Sale Channel’s product” highlighted text and follow the prompt in the overlay:

  1. Sale Channel – Select one of the connected sale channels you have connected to Rebillia.
  2. Product Search – Search for the external product by starting to type its name. This is a live search, meaning that every time another letter is typed into the search box – a new search command is issued and will bring up to 20 matching results.
  3. Title Display Name – Set the title you want the Rate Plans to be displayed under. This will be the title of a multiple option selector, where each published Rate Plan is a selectable option (for example, if the Rate Plans are “Every 1 Month”, “Every 2 Months” and “Every 3 Months” then a proper title would be “Select your Frequency” or “Subscribe & Save”).

Fulfillment Product

Once a “Trigger” product is set, Rebillia will provide the ability to further link each of the Charges in each of the Rate Plans to an external product from the same Sale Channel. This product (the “Fulfillment Product”) will be the product Rebillia will include in orders for fulfillment purposes, hence the name. This functionality is crucial for subscriptions like “Buy a sample sized item, subscribe to the full item” where the sample item is the “Trigger” and the full item is the item the business wants “Fulfilled” on recurring.

By linking a proper fulfillment product, businesses can make sure their inventory always stays up to date, even as subscriptions are getting billed, and proper inventory projections are easy to get.

To link a fulfillment product, navigate to the same interface you navigated to for linking the trigger product. There, each charge will have a “Link Charge” button. By clicking on the button, an overlay prompt will appear, asking you to search for the product you want to link to this charge. If the product is a multi SKU product, Rebillia will also allow further customization to select the exact SKU you want linked.

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